Real Tra Nhieu Eco Village - Bicycle Tour


Real Tra Nhieu Tour is a perfect combination of bicycle tour and discovery of the very rural Vietnamese culture and way of life. You will have original experiences exploring the secret of KimBong carpentry village,discover boat building business,cross immense rice fields. This special moment will afford you the opportunity to take unforgettable pictures Vietnam rural scenes and people. During your tour, you will meet the local families who will welcome you to learn the secret of making the famous, colorful woven mats that serve as beds, make rice noodle and rice paper and learn local old-aged traditional fishing techniques that have been used for many generations. After your meal, you will travel back on boat to return to Hoian. A new memorable chance for you to discover the diversity of the Vietnamese landscape.
Total distance: 9 km
- Morning Tour: 8:30 AM-13:30PM
- Afternoon tour: 13:00 PM-18:00 PM

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